360 Degree Feedback

AQR 360˚ Assessment is an on-line Performance Evaluation Tool with a comprehensive range of functions and options

The system has been developed by AQR Ltd, a leading edge international assessments developer and test publisher in consultation with organizations experienced in the use 360˚ assessments and know of its value.

Applications – what does it measure ?

AQR 360˚Assessment is an on-line facility which enables organizations to drop in their own Competency Framework or to use AQR360˚ ‘off the shelf’ framework.

The system enables colleagues, inside and outside the workplace to provide a consistent and reliable view about important aspects of a candidate’s performance and behavior. This brings valuable insight into the candidate’s strengths and their developmental needs.

Equally it can be used to measure changes in these factors (re-assessment) thereby enabling assessment of the effectiveness of interventions and development activities.


AQR 360˚Assessment enables you to:

  • Assess the capability of individuals, teams and the organisation
  • Supports individuals to achieve a good understanding of their key strengths and developmental needs in a workbook format
  • Organizations to reliably assess developmental priorities … and assess the impact of interventions
  • Helps organizations develop processes which support management teams


  • Easily tailored – to reflect an organisation’s specific needs eg skills analysis, behavioural assessment etc.
  • Secure & Confidential – and highly efficient on-line process
  • Flexibility – ability to insert own or opt for available “off the shelf” competency framework
  • 10 Assessors – able to nominate up to 10 ‘assessors’ per person assessed
  • Comprehensive reports delivered in a ‘workbook’ format
  • Re-assessment available to receive a ‘distance travelled’ report

Key Features – how does it work ?

The Operating System

The system has been designed to be very easy to use. The on-line process in intuitive and supported by clear on screen instructions:

  • Your AQR qualified coach will discuss the competency framework and facilitate the selection of units or creation of new questions for the questionnaire
  • The Questionnaire is then automatically created and ready for use
  • An e-mail is then sent to the candidate/assessee with URL and log-in details with instructions to input up to 10 ‘assessors’
  • The rest of the process in automated


  • The reports analyse data by individual and group (eg teams)
  • Individual reports are in “Workbook” format. These can be provided to candidates/assesses to reflect on the observations before any appraisal discussion or retained and used at a review/appraisal immediately following the assessment
  • Reports provide managers with the ability to reliably assess the developmental priorities for the people in the organization …… and to monitor the effectiveness of developmental activities