4sight Communications was established by David Bredin in 2001 as a business consultancy specialising in the provision of personnel management advice and training. Based near Cambridge it operated through the Institute for Independent Business International (IIB), but quickly became involved in ‘business coaching’ owners of SMEs.

4sight now specialises exclusively in coaching, coach supervision, and facilitation. David works with a ‘Coaching Partner’ helping senior executives and potential business leaders, as well as private individuals overcome the challenges of leadership in both their corporate and private lives.

David Bredin


David served for 20 years in the Armed Forces with both British and Gurkha troops operating in many countries across the world including Central America, the Far East, Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands as well as part of the Rhine Army in Europe (BAOR). He left the services to head up a public relations campaign for a national organisation based in London appearing regularly on TV and radio as well as in the print media. Calling on his considerable experience of leading people he returned to the world of leadership and personal development setting up ‘4sight’ to fulfil an ambition to help people maximise their potential.

David became a Justice of the Peace in 2005 and ‘sits’ as a “Presiding Justice” in both Cambridge and Huntingdon Magistrates Courts. He is an ‘appraiser’ of other Magistrates and involved in projects to raise awareness of the Justice system to young people. He is also very involved in the Gurkha Welfare Trust and in many local activities.


David was an Accredited “Executive Coach” with the Association for Coaching from 2013 to 2018 following graduation at the Coaching Academy in 2006.  He is an accredited “Coaching Supervisor” the Coaching Supervision Academy; the latter provides a ‘health-check’ on the quality, as well as supporting the development and resourcing of professional coaches. He holds a Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College and is qualified to deliver and interpret a number of ipsative and normative psychometric assessments, including profiles on personality preferences, ‘mental toughness’ (MTQ48) and leadership (ILM72) as well as 360° feedback.

David is a Certified “MasterMind Executive Coach” of the Rescue Institute (USA) and a “Business Partner” of Clarity4D – a psychometric assessment practice.  He qualified as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Development in 2005 and as a Member of the Institute of Management in 1993 and became a member of the Institute of Directors in 2015.

Coaching Style

David believes in an holistic approach to facilitate effective change that leads to individuals fulfilling their true potential both in an organisational setting as well as their private lives.

The path to greater fulfilment and performance is seldom easy; David is both empathetic and supportive, but also robust and challenging when the need arises; is training as a Coach Supervisor and experience has given him a deep understanding and knowledge of the psychology of coaching. He works with individuals and teams aligning values with aspirations, helping them convert ‘dreams’ into action to maximise their expertise in leadership, communications, engagement and teamwork.


He has been coaching business leaders, executives and private individuals for over 16 years.
His work has taken him into large institutions such as the NHS, smaller businesses in manufacturing and service industries as well as those in the ‘Third Sector’. He has also coached individuals as diverse as Airline Captains, senior members of the Clergy and young people facing the challenges of the future.

David has worked with his business partner, Carol Duncan for over 12 years mainly in UK, but elsewhere in Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Contact David for a no obligation free consultation on david@4sight.biz

Carol Duncan


Carol’s background is in education, health and general management, both in England and Australia. She has run a successful business in coaching and facilitation for ten years and has a large client base of CEOs, Directors and senior managers. After a successful career in teaching, she worked in the National Health Service, at managerial, director and Executive level.


Carol is an accredited as an “Executive Coach” by the Association for Coaching, holds a Diploma in Pastoral Care, Welfare and Counselling (London University) and a Certificate of Professional Development in Coaching (Strathclyde University). She is a qualified assessor of ‘mental toughness’ (MTQ48) profiling and 360° feedback and includes “Mindfulness” as part of her coaching repertoire.

Carol is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( CIPD), holds a Certificate in education (Bedford College) and a Bachelor of Education (Flinders University, Australia). She also has a Masters in Business Administration (Henley Management College) and Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Coaching Style

Carol strives to ensure evaluation takes place and promotes a coaching culture for people to flourish. She has consistently updated her skill base and her current interests are in mindfulness at work, the influence of neuroscience on coaching techniques, e coaching and tele coaching. Carol has developed a unique coaching style that brings with it an increase in self-awareness, personal growth and, according to her clients, enhanced performance at work.


She has wide experience and expertise in leadership and teamwork, facilitation, personal development and organisational change. Her specialism is in one to one ongoing support for high performance. Recent work includes coaching clinicians and managers to achieve system reform in the NHS, improving teamwork and coaching with the Football Association, and interview and career coaching, with clear evidence of success! She has coached coaches and fostered a culture for life long learning.

She has worked together with David at 4sight on a number of rewarding projects and is based in South Australia with work extending across England and Australia.

Contact Carol for a no obligation free consultation on carol.duncan0@gmail.com