Executive & Leadership Development

Organisations of all kinds and sizes, particularly following the “Brexit” vote are operating in an increasingly complex and competitive market. The ability to meet and overcome the challenges faced by organisations have never been greater.

To succeed and achieve competitive advantage, leaders and decision makers need to be more agile and evolutionary in their thinking, have a clear understanding of emotional as well as intellectual intelligence and value their most important ‘raw material’ – their people.

“If you treat people well, value what they do and pay them competitively retention will be greater” (CIPD People Management Feb 11). “Some estimates put the cost of replacing each employee as equal to an annual salary.”

An independent coach provides a ‘safe place’, unfettered by ‘company politics’ for business leaders to tackle the interference that reduces performance; an opportunity to change behaviours and attitudes that make their unique blend of skills and knowledge even more effective.

“Trust is the glue of life. It is the most essential ingredient in effective communications. It is the foundational principle that holds together all relationships”
Stephen Covey

At the start of any coaching programme, 4sight’s coaches will learn about the business so that the developmental work to be done dove-tails in with both individual(s) and the business values and objectives.

A three-way meeting with a senior member (often HR or CEO), coachee and coach sets the programme off with everyone understanding what is to be achieved.

A series of Psychometric tools are available to 4sight Coaches to assist with clarifying “where you are now” so that the road map can commence from a recognised and agreed start point.

Thereafter the coaching programme is designed to support the client and ‘coachee’ creating a development path; aligning the individual’s career aspirations and personal characteristics with the culture and objectives of the organisation.

“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”
Albert Einstein

Some Testimonials

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with David as part of a law firm personal development programme.  David encouraged me to focus on my career goals and to determine what steps were needed to achieve them.  David is extremely easy to talk to and offered positive encouragement at all stages, whilst at the same time challenging me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.  I would have no hesitation recommending David as a professional coach to others.”
(Senior Councel – International Law Firm – May 2017)

“I found the coaching experience incredibly helpful and it definitely helped me achieve some of my career goals. David has a very calming but assertive manner which makes you feel comfortable but also drives you on to push your boundaries and better yourself. I would very much recommend David to anyone else looking for a coach to help them progress their career.”
(Senior Associate International Law Firm – August 2016)

“I had the pleasure of working with David this Spring. David has a wonderful skill of making you feel at ease and comfortable when talking through the challenges of my role. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions and felt that he helped shape my thoughts and priorities. David went on to work with myself and my leadership team to complete 360 degree feedback. This process was incredibly useful to ensure the cohesiveness of our team. David was able to encourage us to reflect on the outcomes of the questionnaire and, in a non-judgmental fashion, support us to identify areas to develop.”
(Head of RA Butler Academy [Infant & Junior School] May 16)

“David gave me excellent coaching on my professional development. He helped me define my career objectives and develop a clear plan on how best to achieve them. David provided practical advice and was a pleasure to work with. I would thoroughly recommend him.”
(Solicitor at Taylor Vinters Jan16)

“The coaching experience with David Bredin was, although often probing and sometimes exhausting, extremely positive and beneficial. It was recommended by the company Director and I was very unsure what to expect, but happy to try anything that would tackle some of those irritating personal shortcomings that sometimes seem beyond one’s control.
Given the personal nature of the questions and the need to be honest, or risk the outcomes being pointless or inaccurate, it was necessary that the sessions were handled very carefully. I am not sure many could achieve this without coming across as intrusive or nosey. David’s combination of kind uncle allied to military boffin seemed to hit exactly the right note.
The result of his work with me is a clearer idea of self and motives, combined with a more informed idea of the way that different personality types will react or behave in business related situations. I felt very sad when I came to the end of my series of sessions, combined with a tiny pinch of glad that I had no further tough searching questions to answer.
I would recommend his approach to any Director or Manager who has a good trusted team but wants more. Though I have only limited experience of his working in groups, I would also strongly commend him to any business leader who requires mediation within a group who cannot agree on direction or methods for interaction.”
(Research Scientist and Project Leader – Dec 2012)

“I found the coaching sessions to be both informative and rewarding with the benefits now being realised, both on a personal and business level. On many occasions over the past 12 months I have mentally reverted back to our coaching discussions as well as adapting some of the useful coaching techniques advised. Whilst the past 12 months have remained hectic, I now have the ability to time manage myself better by; taking time out to think and adequately plan, delegating with greater confidence and not always allowing myself to get ‘sucked’ into the detail. A recent project issue mirrored a previous scenario we debated at length ! However this time I was able to draw upon my previous experience and our coaching sessions to develop an ‘action plan’ and strategically manage a solution. The coaching sessions were delivered in a very positive way with David’s approach (positive and probing) enabling me to take time out and think about how I have approached ‘issues’ and how this means I should approach ‘issues’ moving forward.”
(Commercial Manager, Major Construction Group – June 2009)

“David’s input has helped me understand the key elements of my role in looking a these strategic issues and the need for me to spend time on these matters and either ignoring or delegating other tasks which are of secondary importance. David has helped me to feel more confident in addressing some of my known weaknesses and has also had the perception to highlight other areas which may be reducing my working effectiveness that I had not previously considered.”
(General Manager (Finance) – Holiday Touring Company)

“Over the last few months I have had to deal with not only my own, but also the organising of others’ redundancies. It has been quite traumatic dealing with the staff’s emotions. David helped me keep my head when others were not. He made me focus, set my targets by breaking them down into manageable elements and continue working towards them. He has continually helped me build my confidence to enable me to carry out the tasks in hand. I have been complemented on my professional attitude during this trying period and can only thank David for helping me. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”
(Head of Human Resources – Career Development Organisation)