Life Coaching & Personal Development

Life is not a rehearsal ! Few prepare for it and although most strive for fulfilment, many fall short of realising their full potential. Most do not know what motivates them, what their core values are or how to discharge them. Few have clear goals, which helps to give their work and life a real purpose; some might say that the pressure placed on individuals and relationships today has never been greater.

 “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.  And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them”  – Dalai Lama


Some reasons where this form of 1:1 relational development could help:

  • when other peoples’ opinions about you matter more to you than your own
  • when you feel like you have no choices in your life
  • when you spend more time focusing on what you don’t want, can’t have & “if only” than on what you do want
  • when you spend much of your time & energy meeting other peoples’ needs and wants to the detriment of your own
  • when you believe your critics (internal and external) stories about you without concrete evidence and behave as if they were true
  • when you spend much of your time and energy pleasing other people & believe wanting more for yourself makes you a bad person

A relationship with a qualified and experienced coach can facilitate a ‘safe environment’ and for you to be able to stand ‘outside’ yourself in order to generate a different perspective and challenge unfounded assumptions. They will be able to help ‘ground’ you and unearth your core values which will allow you to look to the future with more confidence and positive energy.

Some Testimonials

“David worked his magic with me over a period of a few months. I started at a point where I knew changes were needed. However the end direction was not what I was expecting. Davids help unlocked attitude and ability which opened my mind to new career options. I could not recommend David highly enough. I hope my new employer agrees!”
(MD Equine Transport Company – January 2017)

“I was put in contact with David at a time when I was unsure whether the career/life path I was beginning to go down was the best for me. I had aimed for a certain path that did not work out for me and I quickly jumped into my current role without fully examining what it was I wanted to achieve and why.
David’s coaching prompted me to consider other courses of action and whether they would fulfil my goals and ambitions – my ambitions also being something David helped me to identify. The manner in which all avenues were considered with the guidance of someone with an objective viewpoint was extremely helpful and allowed me to reach my own conclusions (note the use of the word ‘guidance’ – the coachee is not given the answers on a plate – they are taught the techniques to come to their own conclusions themselves: this being one of the most valuable skills I have taken from the coaching programme).
To conclude, the coaching has taught me to identify what it is I must do to achieve success and happiness, while recognising that sometimes some of these things can change ! More importantly I now have the techniques to take control of my own destiny.
I recommend David’s coaching programme to those who are concerned about the ‘trajectory’ their career or life is taking and are seeking guidance to work out what they want and how to achieve those goals independently.”
(Trainee Finance Advisor – May 2012)

“All of us at some stage need to revisit the basics of business and reinforce good practice, and this is especially so when you’re outside a company framework and running your own business. David has the right balance of friendly demeanour and authority to achieve this in a positive and effective fashion”.
(Director The Silicon Eye Aug16)

“David has offered me a great deal of clarity around my career direction. He started with drawing out my beliefs which helped me see how I was putting up my own barriers. He also drew out my passions in order to focus my energies into what would be the most fulfilling and rewarding professional journeys for me. The goal setting exercises were hugely powerful and gave me measurable results in all areas of my working, social and family life. He moved me in weeks, for what would have taken years on my own. David also helped me explore avenues of specific causes I had never previously considered, through his remarkable insight and ability to open up ideas and thoughts in me during our meetings. The sessions were always valuable, stimulating and left me topped up with energy. Our meetings gave me renewed vigour and belief that I could achieve the things I most wanted to. Regular sessions also gave me useful markers on which to measure progress. The coaching experience with David has been great for me. He gave me both wider views of where I can go but also helped me with individual issues with colleagues which arose during our time together which will benefit me for the rest of my career. As well as being a first class coach, you can tell David is a hugely experienced leader who can get the best out of anyone who is lucky enough to work with him.”
(Independent Marketing Consultant – July 2010)

David’s astute, analytical, probing and questioning helped lead me to understand all aspect of my life and how in particular everything is dependant on my core values. In analysing these values I was able to appreciate that most of the values I believed I did not satisfy were in fact the result, and usually the beneficial result, of other core values which are more important to me. Prior to the last session I revisited my values and have almost totally been able to eliminate my previous concerns.

I had tried, many times, unsuccessfully, to stop smoking. Discussions with David about why I smoked, why I wanted to stop, why I kept failing etc convinced me that I really should and could conquer it. He helped me to develop a coordinated plan. As I write, I have not smoked for over three weeks. I have achieved this before but this time I know, absolutely, that I shall not smoke again. This is a magnificent achievement for me.
(Virgin Airlines Captain)