Personality Profile

Clarity4D is an on-line psychometric tool that offers a simple and effective profile easily understood by individuals and teams to help them to apply the most appropriate behavioural and communication style to meet the needs of different people in differing situations.

What is a Personality Profile ?

The idea of personality typing has been around since the days of Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and medical doctor, who recognised that his patients behaved in four quite different and distinct ways. The profile is individually compiled from thousands of combinations of the statements and is unique to ‘YOU’ and can be applied to both business and social circumstances.


Everyone is better served by raising the awareness we have of ourselves. In this way we are better able to identify our strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly advantageous in the workplace to understand:

  • How ‘YOU’ work with people and tasks
  • How do ‘YOU’ get on with others
  • How do ‘YOU’ make decisions

Underpinning Theory

The Clarity4D model is based on the work of the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung who has written on the subject of personality and preferences and has been the subject of study for many academics since Jung originally wrote “Psychological Types” in 1921.

The model adjacent explains what the different colours represent in terms of Jungian psychology and underpins the profile produced.

What do you get ?

A series of charts and diagrams as well a descriptions relating to:

  • Your major strengths and intrinsic talents
  • Those areas you, yourself have identified as being ripe for development


  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Efficient ‘online’ format – takes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete
  • Provides ‘actions to take’ – a one-stop solution for managing learning and development