Job Spec Assessment

The Prevue Assessment is a remarkable software based system that assesses individuals. It also enables the generation of job benchmarks (profiles) that are specifically tailored to an organisation’s individual culture.
A variety of in-depth expert reports then allow the user to examine an individual’s scores in relation to specific jobs for a broad selection of purposes.

Prevue has undergone exhaustive evaluation to ensure it is fair and effective (see the British Psychological Society review at

Employer research has shown the following are the areas of greatest importance:

  1. ABILITIES – including numerical, verbal and spatial reasoning.
  2. INTERESTS – in working with people, data and tools/equipment/computers.
  3. PERSONALITY – to ensure fit for the role

Prevue provides valid data in all three areas.

Benchmarking – A Unique Job Profiling Facility

Creating a benchmark enables managers to identify the ranges within which the ‘ideal candidate’ can be found. Prevue gives managers the ability to identify the qualities for a good fit – and this enables the reports to identify gaps where candidates do not meet all the criteria.

What does Prevue Assessment measure?

Prevue contains 20 Scales. These are split into the 3 main areas and are:

Abilities (4 Scales)

  • General Abilities (this is derived from the other 3 scales)
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Working with Shapes

Interests & Motivation (3 Scales)

  • In working with PEOPLE
  • In working with DATA
  • In working with THINGS

Personality (12 Scales; 4 major, 8 sub-scales)

Diplomatic Independent
Co-operative Competitive
Submissive Assertive
Spontaneous Conscientious
Innovative Conventional
Reactive Organised
Introvert Extrovert
Self-Sufficient Group-Orientated
Reserved Outgoing
Emotional Stable
Restless Poised
Excitable Relaxed
Frank Social Desirability

Applications in the World of Work

The reports Prevue generates can be used to support the following areas:

  • Selection and assessment. Most major organisations in the UK now use psychometrics as part of their Recruitment and Selection process.
  • Teambuilding. Prevue enables an objective measurement of specific work related aspects of each individual and their implications for the team.
  • Personal Development. Prevue’s Personal Development report compares individual’s scores to the benchmark for their job. The report suggests developmental activities in relation to identified gaps between that individual’s scores and the benchmark.
  • Reward and Recognition. Prevue’s Working Characteristics Report provides an insight into the specific work related characteristics of an individual including; how they view the world of work and whether they are more motivated by a fixed salary or a bonus system.
  • Succession Planning. Supports growth and change within an organisation. Prevue’s expert report system generates a report that summarises an individual’s suitability fit against a range of job benchmarks.

In addition there are also applications in Assessment and Development centres, Performance Management, Cultural Audits and Evaluation and validations of recruitment processes.